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Over half of our young people in the Cayman Islands report that they have been bullied. Understanding bullying and its link with mental illness can support the children in our community in creating an anti-bullying culture. This workshop helps to understand bullying and explores strategies for preventing it: • How to identify different types of bullying. • Understanding the impact of bullying on children's mental health. • Identifying risk factors that make children vulnerable to bullying. • How to support an anti-bullying culture. • Understanding how bullying and mental health interrelate and contribute to each other.  

Contact edu@alexpantonfoundation.ky with any questions.

21 Mar
Bullying & Mental Health Workshop 1
  • Organized by: Alex Panton Foundation
  • Venue: Webster Memorial Church Hall
  • Email: edu@alexpantonfoundation.ky

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  • Bullying & Mental Health Workshop 1