Financial Assistance Programme

At the core of our mission are three elements: advocacy, awareness, and support. While our Foundation’s Legal Committee continues to work to address the existing legislation and legal policies that act as barriers to mental health support, we seek to directly address these needs where we can.

You can click the buttons below to download our Financial Assistance Programme Policy and our Request for Financial Aid form. Keeping reading to learn more about our programme policy.

What is the Financial Assistance Programme?

In 2020, APF formed the Financial Assistance Programme Committee (“the Committee”) and soft launched the Financial Assistance Programme with local private mental health providers. Providers who entered an agreement with APF work with us to secure financial aid to the young people in our community in immediate need of assistance.

How do I know if I am eligible to be a recipient of the Financial Assistance Programme?

  1. They are no more than thirty (30) years old;
  2. They are legally resident in the Cayman Islands;
  3. They have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression by a mental health professional, certified by CPAM in the Cayman Islands (“Service Provider”);
  4. They have no or limited health insurance coverage for mental health treatment or they have exhausted any health insurance benefits for mental health treatment that they do have; and
  5. They can demonstrate that, separate and apart from health insurance and governmental assistance, they do not have any other sufficient financial means such as parental income or other financial assistance of any kind that would cover the cost of treatment.

If I am eligible, how do I apply to the Financial Assistance Programme?

  1. The Applicant must make an initial connection with a chosen Service Provider. This Service Provider is required to assist with the application and provide assessment and treatment plan with costs (length of treatment plan at the provider’s discretion).
  2. The Service Provider should send the completed form and the treatment plan to APF through a secure medium determined by both (this can be a separate email address specifically for confidential items).
  3. The Service Provider should send their invoice after the first visit along with the patient’s diagnosis and proposal for treatment to
  4. The applicant’s cooperation in providing the chosen Service Provider with all necessary information is crucial to the process.
  5. APF will have fourteen (14) business days to review the chosen Service Provider’s proposal for treatment and decide which costs they are willing to meet.

What will the Financial Assistance Programme cover?

  1. The portion of the first visit not covered by insurance or after the first free assessment visit by the Service Provider for any applicant while the financial assistance application is being assessed by APF.
  2. If the patient is deemed eligible for financial assistance by APF, the amount provided will be determined on a case by case basis depending on a set of criteria met for needs assessment as determined by APF.
  3. APF will provide written confirmation to the chosen Service Provider of the treatment and duration covered by financial assistance.
  4. Applicants are able to re-apply to the APF via the chosen Service Provider as needed once financial assistance from the APF has been exhausted. At this time a prognosis will be required by the APF for the anticipated further treatment.
  5. Financial assistance will not be guaranteed indefinitely.

Who are the current partner providers for APF’s Financial Assistance Programme?

  1. Achieve Cayman
  2. Aspire Therapeutic Services
  3. Behavioural Health Associates Cayman (“BHAC”) 
  4. ChatterBox
  5. Hope Academy Clinical Services
  6. Infinite Mindcare
  7. KidsAbility Ltd.
  8. OnCourse Cayman
  9. The Wellness Centre

How is a Service Provider accepted as a Partner/Preferred Provider for APF’s Financial Assistance Programme?

  1. The Service Provider accepts the terms of the Financial Assistance Programme by signing and returning the letter of notice of the FAP.
  2. The Service Provider agrees to absorb the cost of the first visit to provide an assessment of treatment needed and determine if financial assistance is required by the patient.
  3. The Service Provider agrees to be listed on the APF’s website as a preferred Service Provider.

How do I know if personal information will remain confidential?

  1. The confidential personal data of applicants will only be known to the APF Financial Assistance Committee and the Service Provider.
  2. The diagnosis and the prognosis would be basic language and not give any other details of the treatment or any interactions between the patient and the Service Provider.
  3. The patient will sign in agreement that the diagnosis and treatment plan will be known to members of the APF Financial Assistance Committee.
  4. The form would include a disclaimer that such information will not be shared with anyone outside of the APF Financial Assistance Committee.

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