3rd Annual Youth Mental Health Symposium
22 Feb
3rd Annual Youth Mental Health Symposium
  • 1:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman
Behind the Mask Fundraiser
07 Mar
Behind the Mask Fundraiser
  • 6:00pm - 11:30pm

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These event are made possible by the support of generous sponsors and partners.

Support Groups

Living with anxiety and depression support group

Join us at our peer-led support group for young adults (aged 18 to 25) living with anxiety and depression. The goal of the support group are: to provide a peer-supported environment for those who live with mental health illnesses such as anxiety and depression, to provide a community for young people living with anxiety and depression and to offer a safe environment for people to share their experiences with living with anxiety and depression and its impact on their lives.

When : Every Saturday staring 13th July from 3:00pm - 4:30pm at the George Town, Town Hall.

*Please note the new restart date for this event.

Facilitator Shane Purcell

Shane Purcell is a trained facilitator who has previously worked with the Irish mental health support group ‘Aware’. He has facilitated support and self-care groups in St. James hospital in Ireland, and is excited about using his extensive experience to facilitate this peer-led support group in Cayman. Contact info@alexpantonfoundation.ky with any questions.

Shane Purcell

Executive Member of Alex Panton Foundation


Bullying & Mental Health

Over half of our young people in the Cayman Islands report that they have been bullied. Understanding bullying and its link with mental illness can support the children in our community in creating an anti-bullying culture. This workshop helps to understand bullying and explores strategies for preventing it. Learn how to identify different types of bullying, understand the impact of bullying on children's mental health, identify risk factors that make children vulnerable to bullying, learn how to support an anti-bullying culture and understand how bullying and mental health interrelate and contribute to each other.

Young Men at Risk

Suicide rates are higher in men than women. Research indicates that youth suicide and specific social and cultural variable are linked, such as quality of life, social attachment, measures of individualism, and help seeking behaviours. This workshop will explore: how emotional distress is communicated in young men, challenging and risk taking behaviours displayed by young men, warning signs to watch for and help-seeking.


Education Sessions by the Alex Panton Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Community Affairs, brings together members of the local Cayman community & experts on the field for the 2019 Workshops "Bullying & Mental Health" "Young Men At Risk"

Dr Erica Lam

Clinical Consultant of Alex Panton Foundation

Dr Colleen Brown

Psychologist Psy.D.M.A.

Dr. Catherine Day

Clinical Psychologist