Emotional Literacy Programme

  • Licensing fees
  • Training for 20 presenters including 5 trainers
  • Support visits
  • Royalty fees
  • Supporting material
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$1.5 Million/year

Mental Health Crisis Control

  • Service geared to youth crisis management
  • Crisis response centre
  • Child-friendly environment to conduct mental health assessments
  • A textline/extension to help young people access help directly
  • Outreach community services for schools and the community
  • Team of certified mental health professionals
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$5,000/per person

Sponsorship of Private Treatment

  • Provides assistance to young persons who cannot afford treatment
  • Private donations offered
  • Opportunity to assist 3+ individuals struggling with mental health issues
  • Anonymity for both the individual and aid
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Support Groups

  • In collaboration with Loud Silent Voices
  • Provides community and peer-based support of care/family of those struggling with mental health difficulties
  • Support group specifically for young adults living with depression and anxiety
  • Bereavement support for those who have lost someone due to mental health difficulties
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$168/per 100 brochures

Community Workshops

  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Community Affairs
  • Skill-based workshops for community leaders in management of mental health difficulties
  • With organizations such as YMCA, churches and educational providers
  • We also provide mental health awareness talks in schools
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To Donate

To sponsor, donate or to inquire about any of the above initiatives, please contact Shane Purcell

  • spurcell@holdun.com
  • +1 345 324 4455