Emotional Literacy Programme

  • Licensing fees
  • Training of multiple teachers and master trainers
  • Support visits and observations
  • Royalty fees
  • Supporting material and resources
  • Data collection and analysis
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Children & Adolescent Emergency Mental Health Hub

  • Furnishing for the emergency and urgent services rooms
  • In partnership with the Health Services Authority (HSA)
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Youth Ambassador Programme

  • Social events and gatherings
  • Supplies and resources
  • Campaigns and meetings
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Support Groups

  • In collaboration with Loud Silent Voices
  • Community and peer-based support for young adults who struggle with mental health and illness
  • Online, structured, and peer-based support for teens to navigate daily challenges and anxieties
  • Bereavement support for those who have lost someone due to mental health difficulties
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Community Workshops

  • Skill-based workshops for community leaders in management of mental health difficulties
  • Presentations on stress, depression and anxiety, bullying, and other mental health topics
  • Brochure printing and creation
  • Presentation creation and scheduling
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The Addison Kelly Butterly 5k is a fundraising event for the Addison Kelly Memorial Scholarship. You can help by registering for the event or you can donate through the page by clicking the link below.


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