About Us

About Us

The Alex Panton Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation that focuses on providing advocacy, awareness, education and support to the community of the Cayman Islands.

Legal formation of the Alex Panton Foundation

On 20 February 2018, the Alex Panton Foundation was registered by Walkers as the first resident Foundation Company to be established under The Foundation Companies Law.

The Foundation Companies Law came into force in October 2017 and introduced a new type of company to the jurisdiction which functions in many respects exactly like an exempted company, but with the added bonus that it can operate for charitable and philanthropic purposes indefinitely. This vehicle was chosen for the Alex Panton Foundation to ensure that its aims and objectives can continue being fulfilled and having a positive influence on the youth of Cayman forever.

Jane and Wayne Panton, as the founders, have set up the Alex Panton Foundation in order to:

  1. provide hope and raise awareness of behavioural health issues affecting the youth of Cayman;
  2. mitigate the stigma associated with mental health issues through education and awareness;
  3. influence the development of public policy to better the lives of affected persons in a social and employment context and to expand health care coverage for mental illness; and
  4. provide support and education to those affected by mental illness, their family, friends, teachers, classmates and the general populace as to how to treat affected persons.