The next Youth Ambassador Programme (YAP) meeting will take place at the George Town Library on Saturday 28th September from 1pm to 4pm and will consist of a series of sessions and activities related to the various aspects of life skills. Students ages 12-16 are welcome to participate in the programme. Participants will advance through the program and earn badges at each stage by completing the assigned task for that stage.

1. Mental health knowledge: quizzes

2. Communication: discussion and activities

3. Open-mindedness/tolerance: show and tell

4. Courage: obstacles challenge

5. Youth Ambassador

A light lunch and snacks will be provided. You can sign up now by filling out the form to the left. You will need an adult to sign a waiver in order to enter the Skate Park, which you can download below. More details on activities will be available on sign up.

Enhance your knowledge, interpersonal and leadership skills by participating in this exciting programme which you can help develop to be a cornerstone of emotional and social intelligence in the Cayman Islands

Photos from YAP launch!


Show off your knowledge and leaderships skills by participating in this exciting programme. 


The Youth Ambassador Programme (YAP) was created by the APF to promote interpersonal and life skills and inspire friendships among the youth in Cayman. This one-day program offers teens and adolescents the opportunity to earn the title of “Youth Ambassador” through fun activities designed to challenge specific skills and provoke discussion to bring about necessary social change for a society where all can feel accepted for being who they are.


YAP is designed to validate what young people are experiencing, recognise their strengths and inform and connect them with other resources if needed. The participants will also have the opportunity to interact with other teens and collaborate on ideas beyond the programme.

The objective of the programme is to provide support to the youth of Cayman who experience mental health challenges, in particular anxiety and depression, in a way that builds resilience, inspires hope and a ‘way forward.’ YAP hopes to inspire the young people to offer peer support with compassion, understanding and active listening