Media Kit

Media Kit

APF Intertrust Marathon Media Kit

Welcome runners! This is your online media kit for you to refer to at anytime. Download your photo for your Facebook cover, Instagram stories and Instagram posts! Post any of the below leading up to the race to help spread awareness about our Foundation. We encourage you to send your friends and family to our website to learn more about our Foundation. *Remember to forward all registration information to for reimbursement. We appreciate your support!

Facebook Cover photos

Below are your Facebook cover photos. Choose from either your single photo or the group photo to make your new Facebook cover photo. There is also a generic cover available.

Instagram Stories & Posts

The first three images below are posts for Instagram stories.
The images that follow are for your Instagram feed!

Example captions for the above posts:

  1. I’m running for the Alex Panton Foundation to raise awareness of mental illnesses affecting children and young adults in Cayman. Help me support this cause by donating to the above bank account. Visit to learn more. 
  2. ——–
  3. I am proud to announce that I am running for mental health! Help me support the Alex Panton Foundation by donating to further our mission. Visit to learn more. 
  4. ———–
  5. I am supporting the Alex Panton Foundation by running to help reduce the stigma and spread awareness about the mental health issues our youth face. Help me support this worthy cause by donating and continuing the conversation on mental health. Visit to learn more. 
  6. ————-
  7. The Alex Panton Foundation is a not-for-profit dedicated to ensuring that the public is aware of the mental health issues facing our youth. Help me support this worthy cause by donating and continuing the conversation on mental health. Visit to learn more. 
  8. ———–
  9. Together, we can crush the long-standing stigma around mental illness in the Cayman Islands! Help me support the Alex Panton Foundation by donating to further their important mission. Visit to learn more. 
  10. —————
  11. Help me support the Alex Panton Foundation! The Foundation’s mission is to improve the mental health of children and young adults in the Cayman Islands through advocacy, awareness and support. Learn more about the resources available on island or how you can support this worthy cause. Visit to learn more. 
  12. ————
  13. I am honoured to run on behalf of the Alex Panton Foundation to help spread the message that mental health is just as important as physical health. Visit to learn more. 
  14. ———–
  15. Running can be a great way to cope with chronic stress and manage mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Local run clubs like the WNRC, which is free to join and welcomes runners of all abilities, are a great resource on island! WNRC meet every Wednesday at 6pm outside of World Gym.

Our Initiative Posts

APF have tons initiatives that we would like the public to know about. Here are three very important ones below:

Social Emotional Wellbeing Programme/ AKA Zippy’s & Apple’s Friends: Did you know that the Alex Panton Foundation has partnered with UK Partnership for Children to introduce the first ever emotional literacy programme in the Cayman Islands? Learn more about this free programme by visiting 

Youth Ambassador Programme: The Alex Panton Foundation offers this programme for kids between ages 11 and 16 to learn and promote interpersonal and life skills. To learn more about the Youth Ambassador Programme, visit:

Mental Health Support Groups: Did you know APF offers FREE weekly peer focused support groups for young people under 25? To learn more about Alex Panton Foundation’s support groups, visit: 


Make sure to tag @Alex Panton Foundation and include the below hashtags in all of your social media posts!

#RunforAPF #runcayman #notaloneAPF #Imrunningforapf #intertrustmarathon #intertrustcaymanmarathon #mentalhealthmatters