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Tips to Cope with PTSD Anxiety

Tips to Cope with PTSD Anxiety

As part of PTSD awareness month, we wanted to share more ways on how you can take action to get control over your own anxiety holistically and naturally. People with PTS often struggle with intense symptoms of anxiety, making it easy to rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drug or alcohol abuse. It’s not always easy, assessable or possible to get professional treatment and mediation is not for everyone. We want to offer good ways you can manage your mind and take control over your emotions in an effective way.

  • Deep breathing. The power of breath is so important. You can look up proper breathing exercises and activities to do to make sure you are breathing correctly as this can lead to a calming, anxiety-reducing and stress relieving state.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation. The practice of tensing and relaxing muscles can help relax major muscles groups throughout the body and lead you to a more relaxed state.
  • Meditation or mindfulness is an amazing practice you can do anywhere in the world, all you need is a quiet space to be with your thoughts. Being aware and in touch with the present moment helps stop our minds from worrying about the future and stressing about the past.
  • Writing your thoughts and feelings down is a great way to get them out without feeling like you have to tell anyone else. Self-monitoring is a great way to check in on your daily anxiety and your symptoms.
  • Social Support. Having someone you can trust and talk to may not always be enough, but sometimes having external support can be a lot more beneficial than we believe. Don’t underestimate the support from loved ones.
  • Self-Care. Take time to prioritize yourself in moments of anxiety. Whatever self-care means for you, whether it’s making some hot tea, calling a friend, watching a movie, taking a nap, snacking on your favourite treats or playing games. It’s important to consciously make the decision to do what makes you feel good in times anxiety.

Remember, you are not alone. Do not hesitate to contact a medical professional if you feel like you are not able to manage your PTSD or anxiety on your own.