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Remembering Alex Panton

Remembering Alex Panton

October is a difficult month for the Alex Panton Foundation committee. This year, on Saturday 30th, October, will mark 11 years since the passing of our dear Alex, who succumbed to the effects of severe depression and anxiety at the tender age of 16.

Alex was an extremely bright, funny, ambitious teenager with the whole world of opportunities ahead of him. He was seemingly perfect from the outside; outgoing, full of energy and full of life, but as we know, mental illness affects us on a deep, internal level and Alex was able to mask his pain, hiding it from the majority of his friends of family. He was suffering in silence. Many of his friends and family would have never dreamed of Alex’s condition taking this much of a hold on his life, as he truly did hide it well.

It’s important that everyone is able to get access to the care they need, whether it be for physical or mental health. Depression and anxiety are real illnesses and should be treated as such. Our goal as a Foundation is to help those seeking treatment to get the support and attention they need in order to manage their mental health, particularly the youth of our Island.

We are so proud of everything we have accomplished since our conception, including our Annual Youth mental Health Symposium, held in February to mark Alex’s birthday, the formation of two free support groups for both teens and adults: Teen Talk and Breaking Barriers; our Zippy’s and Apple’s Friends emotional literacy programs, in partnership with Partnership for Children; our Youth Ambassador Programme for young adults looking for community; and our newest initiative, the Financial Assistance Programme which helps those with little or no access to mental health care to seek the services of private mental health care providers.

We know that Alex would also be proud of what we have achieved in the years he has passed, and want to let those know, like Alex, who are struggling in silence, that they are not alone.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, click this link: find help to learn how you can be guided to getting the help you need. Our partner private mental health service providers in the Financial Assistance Programme are listed on the bottom of the front page of our website.  Click on a logo to learn more about that service provider to determine the right it for you. 

If you have any questions about any of our initiatives, wish to join or learn more, please send us an email at or

Remember, you are not alone. Please don’t mask your pain, your feelings and experiences are valid. You are worthy of a happy, healthy life and together, we will shatter the stigma sounding mental illness.