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Thank you PfC!

Thank you PfC!

We would like to say thank you to our friends at Partnership For Children for mentioning us in their monthly newsletter last month. They touched on our Annual Youth Mental Health Symposium, as well as last month’s Caymanian Times article, “All of the lonely people: Changing our perspective to communicate with others” developed by our Youth Ambassador KY, supervised and supported by our committee members.
Partnership for Children, a UK based non profit organization, is our partner for our Emotional Literacy Programme (“ELP”). This school based programme was developed for children to help them learn skills to communicate effectively, cope with anxieties. There is also an adapted SEND programme for children with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities.
To learn more about the ELP, visit

Excerpt from PfC's Newsletter

Alex Panton Foundation Annual Symposium & Press Coverage for their Youth Ambassadors

This month the Alex Panton Foundation, our partners in The Cayman Islands, held their Annual Youth Mental Health Symposium, speaking to both an in-person and virtual audience on this year’s theme “Thriving in Uncertain Times”. Due to restrictions, there was a limit on the number of in-person guests, however, the event was live-streamed from their Facebook page as well as on YouTube.

Last month, they also published their second mental health column in the Caymanian Times newspaper: “All of the lonely people: Changing our perspective to communicate with others.” The article was developed by their Youth Ambassadors, supervised and supported by APF staff. It’s brilliant to see the Youth Ambassadors given the opportunity to actively speak up on the issues that matter to them.