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Greenlight Re Donates US$25,000 to the Financial Assistance Programme

Greenlight Re Donates US$25,000 to the Financial Assistance Programme

The Alex Panton Foundation (“APF”) is pleased to announce that they are the gracious recipient of a generous donation of US$25,000 from Greenlight Reinsurance Ltd (“Greenlight Re”) in support of their Financial Assistance Programme.

Through this programme, the APF seeks to bridge the gaps in accessing mental health services due to insufficient health insurance policies by providing aid to young people who lack the means to afford their critically needed treatments and therapies.

Greenlight Re’s CEO, Mr Simon Burton, shared the following on their donation: “Greenlight Re is pleased to support the Alex Panton Foundation’s mission of ensuring that the Cayman Islands’ youth receive the support they need. Greenlight Re’s donation to APF’s Financial Assistance Programme helps ensure that clinical assessments and treatments are accessible to those that need them.”

Launched amongst local private mental health service providers in August 2020, the Financial Assistance Programme supports individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • 30 years old and younger
  • Legally resident in the Cayman Islands (with exceptions for those who are legally resident in the Cayman Islands but are temporarily overseas to further their education)
  • Diagnosed with a mental illness, like anxiety or depression, by a mental health professional certified by CPAM in the Cayman Islands
  • Have limited to no mental health insurance coverage, or who have exhausted their typical mental health benefits and coverage
  • Able to demonstrate that separate and apart from familial and governmental assistance, they have no other financial means to support their required treatment and services on their own

For this programme, the APF has partnered with Achieve Cayman, Aspire Therapeutic Services, Behavioural Health Associates Cayman (“BHAC”), Chatterbox, Hope Academy Clinical Services, Infinite Mindcare, KidsAbility Ltd., Life Options, OnCourse Cayman, and The Wellness Centre. Eligible persons seeking assistance should first meet with a mental health care professional with one of these providers who will guide through completing the application.  Other Providers can also contact the APF to join this Programme.

To learn more or register your organization as a Partner Service Provider, contact the APF at

Hailee Robinson, Deputy Chairperson, Director, and Legal & Policy Committee Member responded to the donation: “With Greenlight Re’s support, the APF will be able to provide greater access to mental health professionals for young people in the community who otherwise lack the means to finance their own treatment. The financial barriers to these services are exacerbated by the restrictions presented by insurance policies available locally, and the APF continues to receive inquiries from concerned parents and community members on the issue of insurance companies denying claims for critical mental health care. We would like to thank Greenlight Re for their support in advancing the APF’s mission of providing hope and resources for young people in the Cayman Islands.”

Credit: Cayman Compass